Retirement Options

Cape Coral was selected as one of the top 25 places to RETIRE.  Noted were the city's extensive canal system (400+ miles), great tropical weather with lots of sunshine, low cost of living, and the Retirement2jpg.jpgfact that Florida does not have a state income tax.  But, don't think Cape Coral is full of only older people.  The average age here is somewhere around 41 years old.  So, there are still plenty of younger folks as well.

As an active Realtor, I see plenty of "young" retirees.  Many are paying cash for their dream retirement home and may use it as "Snowbirds' for several years, until they fully retire. BuAt, they are getting their foot in the door and claiming their piece of paradise now. 

The Cape has a lot to offer as far as close activities go.  First, there is a very active NEW Residents club.  If you like to play golf, you meet other people that also like to play.  If cooking and entertaining is your forte, then by all means join the new residents that also like to do that.  Remember, most of us here are also transplants, so there are a lot of people like yourselves.  Many of my clients have told me how "friendly" this city is.  It is because almost all of us are imports, too!  Plus, the beautiful weather, just makes you feel more friendly.

There is plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment here as well.  Do you want to go to a "pet 
Retiremant.jpgfriendly" restaurant?  First Round Draft on Del Prado Blvd offers that option.  Want to boat to a restaurant?  You can also do that at First Round Draft, (marker 58 by boat).  There are several other waterfront restaurants as well.  Do you want to dance the night away?  We have places to do that as well.  There are also, lots of parks and many special events throughout the year.  We have an Art Festival, Bike night, Cinco de Mayo, and many more special events.  Also, don't forget our Red, White, and Boom, Forth of July celebration and our Boat Parade around the Holidays.

Plus, our housing mix works for RETIREE'S as well.  We have plenty of Condos.  Both on the water and off water.  Not ready for a condo?  That's ok, we have plenty of affordable houses for you, too.  If you would like, more information, please feel free to give me a call.